Stork Club
16 West Second Street
1947 - 1950

John Rauzy
Grade 4

The Stork Club at 16 West Second Street opened on February 27, 1947 as a bar with gambling. The three proprietors, Bill Wirts, Bill Dixon, and Edward "Swede" Oleson, had all been associated with the gaming industry in Reno in other casinos and would remain so for years to come. They had purchased the property, formerly known as John's Bar (or John's Club), from Howard McMullen, Virgil Smith, and Bill Williams earlier in the month.

The club closed late in 1950, and in June 1951 the Nevada Board of Trade held a public auction to dispose of its fixtures and equipment. The auction was necessary to pay the clubs creditors. Owners at the time were Oleson and M.W. Moore.

The former location of the Stork Club is now occupied by the Pioneer Gift Shop.

According to Dwayne Kling